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Need a lift? We’ve got you covered

woman on stair lift for mobility

When you have limited mobility, having a device that can help you safely transfer can dramatically improve your quality of life and independence. At Brant Arts Mobility, we offer a wide range of lifts and lift services to help our customers and their caregivers live a safer and more independent life.

Types of lifts that we offer

Sit-to-stand lifts 

Sit-to-stand lifts, such as the very popular Sara Stedy lift by Arjo, are made to help customers who might otherwise be confined to a wheelchair. The device can even be a substitute for a transport wheelchair to help the user move from room to room, stand face-to-face with others for greater social interaction, and even perform simple tasks such as standing up to make coffee.

The Sara Stedy lift is highly maneuverable, can accommodate users up to 400 pounds, comes in two sizes for height, and easily allows for a single caregiver to help the user move from room to room.

bed senior home

Lift chairs

Lift chairs can be incredibly valuable for seniors or others with mobility issues that may have trouble getting in and out of the chair. The motorized chair moves up and down to assist the user in their transition between sitting and standing. And one of the best things about lift chairs is that they look just like any other typical piece of furniture with various styles and fabrics to choose from.

lift chair

Hoyer lifts

Hoyer lifts are a variety of lift that allows the user to get out of a chair, bed or bathtub without the assistance of a caregiver. Depending on the needs of the user, Hoyer lifts may be free-standing, have wheels, or be fastened to a wall or ceiling.

hoyer lift

Stair lifts

For those with multiple storeys in their homes, stair lifts can help them to navigate the stairs more safely. Although we at Brant Arts Mobility, do not install these types of lifts, we are able to refer our customers to Stannah, one of the premier stair lift companies in Canada.

staircase chair

Ceiling lifts

Ceiling lifts can be a great option for users who require a long-term solution to their mobility challenges in moving from one room to the next without always needing to use a wheelchair. Ceiling lifts fastened to the ceiling on tracks can be designed to help the user get out of bed or out of the bath. There are even ceiling lift systems on tracks that can allow the user to move through the entire home. These systems are customized for the user; therefore, motors, tracks, and body slings are sold separately to ensure the system meets your specific needs.

The systems are modular, and the number of straight and curved track pieces you’ll require will depend on your needs and the layout of your home.

ceiling lift

Technical expertise when you need it

As you can imagine, choosing, installing, and maintaining the right lift or lift system to meet your needs is a highly individualized process. That is why at Brant Arts Mobility, we have technical experts on hand to help you and answer your questions.

We also offer home repair and maintenance services for your ceiling lift system. Although a good lift system should not require maintenance very often, when it does, it is good to know that you have a reliable team of experts at Brant Arts Mobility that you can call when you need them.

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