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What is a Lift Chair?

For those with mobility challenges who may find it difficult to get in and out of a seated position, a lift chair can be an incredibly valuable piece of equipment. Essentially, a lift chair is a piece of medical equipment designed to look like a normal recliner; however, at the push of a button, it can assist someone in getting up or down. It allows users to have additional safety in their home or nursing facility without making their living space look overly institutional. 

Lift chairs go by a variety of names, including Pop-Up Chairs, Power Lift Recliners, and 3-Position Recliners. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, and many even have optional features such as heat and massage. 

Who can benefit from a lift chair?

Lift chairs can offer the ideal level of safety and comfort for anyone who has difficulty transitioning between a seated and standing position. Whether a person has limited mobility, problems with their balance, pain or stiffness, or various other conditions, a lift chair may be a good solution. 

A lift chair can be great for anyone who likes to recline in their living room while watching their favourite TV shows or while reading. It can even be a good solution for those who have recently had surgery and need to limit their movements. 

Where can you get a lift chair? 

While there are many companies from which you can purchase a lift chair, we recommend getting the help of a mobility professional such as those from Brant Arts. As lift chairs come with a wide variety of options, a professional can help ensure that you find one that will adequately meet your needs. 

Factors to consider when purchasing a lift chair

In addition to ensuring that it doesn’t clash with the rest of your décor, here are a few factors to consider when purchasing a lift chair. 

  • Do you like to enjoy food and beverages while using the chair? If so, consider getting leather or vinyl upholstery, as this will be easier to clean. 
  • Will you be sleeping in the chair? If so, then comfort should be a prime consideration. 
  • Will you be in the chair for long periods of time? If this is the case, you should consider a 3-position or infinite-position chair. 
  • What is your weight? Make sure that you choose a chair that is suitable. 
  • How much space do you have? A professional can help ensure that you choose a unit that you’ll still have room to get around without banging into walls. 

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Are you in the market for a lift chair for yourself or a loved one? The professionals at Brant Arts Mobility can help. We offer a wide range of lift chairs and can help you select the one that is right for you.

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