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Tips When Choosing Walkers for Seniors

Helping Senior Parent With Walker

Finding the right walker for elderly loved ones can allow them to remain as safe & independent as possible. Choosing the right walking aid often requires a personalized approach and our experts are here to help! We will work closely with you or your therapist so that your walker is customized to work for you. Ensuring a safe, and proper fit. While there are many walker models and styles available, we will share some of the walkers commonly chosen for seniors.

Types of Senior Walkers

First it is important to understand there a couple main types of walkers that serve different purposes:

Standard Folding Aluminum Walker

Standard Walkers

With easy push-button release and folding mechanisms, aluminum walkers allow easy movement through narrow spaces and greater stability while standing. Often utilized when recovering from surgery, these can be made into a two wheeled walker by adding wheels to the front or even walker glide skis for easy gliding if needed!

Nexus 3 Rollator Walker

Rollators or Four Wheeled Walkers

A rollator is a walker with wheels and a seat which  allow users to sit in comfort and walk in style! We carry some of the most versatile and lightweight walkers for seniors on the market that have easy handle height adjustments and collapsable or removable baskets. These come in folding rollator models and are available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes. The nexus 3 rollator (pictured here) is a popular choice and has set the standard for rollator products. Other rollators known for its comfortability and lightweight are the Evolution Xpresso Lite and Evolution Trillium.

Our experts will help you choose the type of walker that best suits your loved ones lifestyle and needs.

Ensuring a Proper Fit

Once the best suited type of walker has been selected, after that there are some options and functions to look closely at. An expert seating and mobility specialist knows just what to look for as far as adjustability and sizing. Here is what goes into consideration: 

  • Handle Height / Size. One of the first and most important steps when sizing a walker is to ensure proper handle height. We look to make sure the handles align comfortably at the wrist. This therefore helps to prevent the user from shrugging their shoulders or causing strain in their shoulder area. 
  • Seat Height– Rollator walkers that come with a seat will be available in different seat heights. Therefore, we aim to ensure your loved one can sit down easily. We are also looking to make sure they can get up from the seated position with ease.
  • Wheel Size –  Standard walkers with aluminum frames usually have the option for 5” wheels to be added on. These are great for indoor use. Rollator walkers are available in smaller wheels for indoor use. However, common rollator choices include larger wheels for both indoor/outdoor everyday use.
  • Walker Width – The width between the handles is important when factoring in the comfortability of use. As well it and need to sit on the seat.
  • Weight Capacity – Walker models come in different weight capacities. It is important to consider the user weight when selecting the right model for them. Bariatric rollator walkers are available to ensure safety, especially when using the seat to rest. 

How Much Are Walkers For Seniors?

We believe everyone should have access to quality mobility aids and daily living products such as rollator walkers. Your loved one may qualify for funding on select medical rollator walkers. We are here to help navigate all options available to you. 

Firstly, If your loved one has a long term physical disability, you can get funding when they qualify for the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). They may be eligible for up to 75% government disability funding through ADP.  An ADP Authorized Occupational Therapist is required to complete an assessment to determine if you qualify for funding. Our team will work closely with your ADP Authorizer to provide a walker that best meets your loved ones needs. In addition, we proud to be a WSIB Preferred Provider. Lastly, we offer assistance with applying for funding through many private insurance companies.

At Brant Arts we have a seniors discount every Wednesday where seniors can save 10% off. *exclusions apply, sale does not apply if accessing government funding ADP

Walkers varies in cost. However, we are happy to discuss detailed pricing during your call and/or visit with us. Please reach out with any questions regarding pricing. Or to make an appointment with a mobility specialist to ensure a proper, safe fitting device: 1-888-678-3144

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