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Home Accessibility

Making everyday tasks simpler, easier and safer.

Independent Living at Home

At Brant Arts Mobility, we know that home is not a place; it’s a feeling. We want to be here to keep you safe, happy and independent in the comfort of your own home. 

Brant Arts proudly offers an extensive line of home accessibility products from all of the trusted, top rated brands.

Mobility limitations do not have a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we offer a wide selection so that your needs can be met. From lift chairs, to ramps, to hospital beds, and bathroom safety products, we offer the products to make life easier and help you stay active. We can even supply you with aids for daily living to help with basic tasks such as cooking and getting dressed.

For persons with disabilities, the right mobility tools help them manage their physical limitations and provide them with the confidence that they need to live independently in their own home or retirement community.

Our experts will help you choose the daily living aid that best suits your lifestyle and needs. 

The most comfortable seat in the house! Lift Chairs offer great support for those who require assistance getting up from a seated position. Transition from sitting to standing and vice versa without fear of falling or unnecessary pain. These chairs are designed to make your life easier.

With so many styles, colours and materials available, there is sure to be a lift chair model that will meet your specific needs! These chairs are designed to go with your décor and not to look like a medical device. 

We carry lift chairs/power recliners from Canadian Manufacturers such as Pride Mobility & Golden Technologies.

Safe, and convenient lift devices are available to assist in lifting and transferring individuals with limited mobility. When an individual has difficulty transferring – such as from a bed to a wheelchair – lifting them puts both them and their caregiver at risk of injury.

Lifting devices make for a smoother and safer transfer for everyone.

Our products include Invacare Hoyer Lifts & slings, Parsons E-Z turn, transfer boards and more!

Suffering a disability or impairment to mobility can make living in your own home more difficult, particularly if your home has stairs or multiple levels. For many, though, this problem can be solved with porch and stair lifts.

Regain access to your home once again with our Serenity Porch Lifts!

These lifts not only help to make your home more accessible but can help you to regain the enjoyment you may have once had from your porch or deck.

A multi-level home can be daunting for someone who has difficulty managing stairs. The fear of falling and injury are real concerns that need to be taken seriously. Stair lifts help you to continue to live at home and retaining your independence.

We also offer stair lifts for inside your home, through the trusted manufacturer Stannah Stairlifts Canada.

At Brant Arts Mobility, we offer a range of wheelchair ramps to help make your life easier. These ramps are expertly engineers and designed with your safety and convenience in mind.

Transition Threshold Ramps, Portable Folding Ramps, Modular Ramps, Suitcase ramps and more. We have various sizes available. Please book an appointment with a Service Technician so we can measure the perfect size for your space!

Depending on the level of care that is required, it may be time to replace your standard bed with a hospital bed. The ability of the bed to be adjusted, makes for a more comfortable experience for someone who is bedridden for extended periods of time.

Electric hospital beds are available with full or half rails. The remote control conveniently operates the angle of the head, or foot of the bed. To learn more about our most popular bed model, the Medline Medlite, please click hereWhen you purchase a hospital bed through us, our technicians can conveniently install in any room of your home at no extra cost to you!

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in your house, but with the necessary products in place, you can make it a lot safer for you or your family member. Bathroom Safety products include: Commodes, Toilet Risers, Toilet Safety Rails, Bath Tub Rails, Bath Chairs, Transfer Benches and more. 

The ability to keep up with one’s personal care routine is directly related to their ability to live independently. As such, bathroom safety can become a huge concern for those with limited mobility or unsteady balance.

Our popular bathroom safety brands include Drive Medical and Mobb HHC.

Grab bars & rails offer support and leverage in and around the bathroom or other rooms of your house. They are available in various sizes, shapes and finishes to match your decor!

Allow our mobility experts to assist you in finding the right products for you.

The SuperPole, SuperBar and the Advantage Rail from Healthcraft are also very popular innovative bars available for your home.

Our technicians can conveniently install your purchases in your home!

Mobility products are not the only products that we offer. We also can assist you in discovering many other tools and devices that can help you with everyday tasks and allow you to live more independently.

Reaching Aids, Dressing Aids, Cooking & Eating Aids and so much more. Take a look at our recent webinar, where our Specialist Yvonne shares some of the life changing tools designed to help you with tasks making everyday easier & safer: Watch Now

Making Life Accessible at Home!

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Hospital Beds

Grab Bars & Rails

Bathroom Safety

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Our Home Accessibility Brands

We are proud to provide the following top-rated brands:

Which Accessibility Device is Right For You?

Choosing the right home accessibility device requires a personalized approach. Our experts, like Yvonne, are here to help! We work closely with you and/or your therapist to ensure that any equipment you purchase from us is customized to work for you or your loved one. Ensuring a safe, and proper fit.

Yvonne Powell
Yvonne Powell, Seating & Mobility Specialist